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About Us

About the Author

Connie Kingrey Anderson has a B.A. in Theatre from the University of Minnesota, and a Masters of Fine Arts in Drama from the University of Georgia. She lives on a colorful cul-de-sac in Minnesota with one funny husband, two furry friends, and three times the average imagination.

Whenever she's in the mood for something fun and entertaining, she jumps into another Creepers Mystery. She hopes you'll do the same...

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About Ebeneezer Stump

Ebeneezer StumpEbeneezer Stump appeared at my door one day without an appointment. He had a small black bag that he set on a chair. Out of the bag he pulled a lectern (which was much bigger than the bag, so I still don’t know how he managed that).

He set up the lectern on…well, actually―nothing. It floated in the air. And so did he.
Next, Ebeneezer reached down and pulled out a large, heavy book.

The room grew darker and darker… Suddenly, two candles jumped out of the bag and hovered above the book. They sprinkled just enough light on the pages so Ebeneezer could read them.

I sat entranced as Ebeneezer began to speak, first revealing only tidbits and scribbled notes. Then I heard characters’ voices, and more than one spooky sound.

Finally, he said, “If you’re going to write Creepers Mysteries, Connie, you better get started. First, you’ve got to get into a creepy mood. Try turning the lights down low and crank the fun up high. Create Creepers Mysteries in the dark, using only your imagination. When you’re ready, use this flashlight and write down the lines.”

Then he disappeared.

I’ve kept that flashlight by my side ever since.

Throughout the years, Ebeneezer has continued to appear and disappear at just the right times. He nudges, cajoles and inspires me as I write each Creepers Mystery.

The Creepers characters and I have all become very good friends. And we’ve all gotten to know the elusive Ebeneezer as well as anybody can…which is not very well at all.

But there’s one thing we do know for sure: absolutely nothing creepy can happen without Ebeneezer Stump―and the right lighting.

Connie Kingrey Anderson
Ebeneezer’s Friend

About Ebeneezer Stump - download

The Story Behind Creepers Mysteries

The Story Behind Creepers Mysteries

Creepers Mysteries were created many years ago as audio programs. They had outrageous character actors, spine-tingling sound effects and a musical score by an award winning film composer. What made them especially appealing to kids was their rich, creepy sound effects – mysterious footsteps on the stairs, slowly creaking doors, thunderous storms – you get the idea.

The first Creepers Mysteries episode aired nationally on Radio AAHS, the predecessor to Radio Disney, on Halloween night 1995. In 1999, Haunted Cattle Drive won the Audie Award for Best Original Production from the Audio Publishers Association. It was featured in Good Housekeeping magazine and went out under the Good Housekeeping Kids imprint. Pretty cool, huh?  ...Until the distributor promptly went out of business.

REWIND. Now would be a good time to jump back a few frames.  Creepers Mysteries were written and produced by Connie Kingrey Anderson (then known as Connie Kingrey). She began her career at Turner Broadcasting in Atlanta, then moved to Los Angeles to run an independent film and video company for a group of investors. Among the projects she produced was Murder Mystery Video Party Game: Murder at the Guild Inn, which was a nominee and finalist for an American Video Award presented by Billboard Magazine and the American Film Institute. She also produced an independent film that won the Saturn Award from the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. After working on these two projects, she hatched the idea of creating a mystery series that was creepy – for kids. She moved back to her native Minnesota and began producing “audio movies.”

The people who really loved Creepers audios and act-along scripts were school teachers and instructors in afterschool programs.  They needed prepared activities, something “off the shelf” that would encourage reading and dramatic play. The fact that kids found them fun and entertaining was a big bonus.  So after the distributor went out of business (see paragraph 2), Anderson incorporated Creepers Mysteries into her Movies for the Ear drama kits. She sold them via tradeshows, direct marketing, and her website. These popular activity kits became staples in schools and afterschool programs across the U.S., and at military bases in Germany and Japan.

SMASH CUT TO THE PRESENT: After a break of many years pursuing other interests (including changing her name from Connie Kingrey to Connie Kingrey Anderson), she reintroduced Creepers Mysteries with a twist. Each volume has both a book (in the front) and a script (in the back). Kids read the book, then act out the Movie for the Ear, using their voice and sound.

Creepers Mysteries help kids read and interact with other kids. They get up out of their chairs and away from video and computer screens. They learn new words and pronunciations, proper intonations, comprehension, and how to speak and respond to others.

Creepers Mysteries is the series that has everyone talking...