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Creepers Mysteries Book 2

US $7.99/CAN $9.99 ISBN: 978-1-935793-00-8
Library of Congress Control Number:2012930439
Publisher: Movies for the Ear, LLC
Format: Paperback, 142 pages
Publication Date: January 3, 2013
Ages 8-12

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Have you ever been in a dark woods with just the trees and the toads? Have you ever been afraid of what a toadie can do in the dark?

Legend has it that a witch is trapped in the gnarled oak tree at Hamstead Farm. She can only escape if her toadies break a spell. But it’s just a legend, right? That’s what Harry, Gillian and Arvin think when the drama club throws their Halloween party at the farm. Then strange things begin to happen. Beady eyes watch the kids from the dark. Distorted croaks bounce off the trees. The toadies move closer and closer--hop, thud, brush... with brooms brushing away their tracks. The kids need to find out what the toadies have been sent to do--and stop them before it’s too late!

There are TWO ways to have fun with Creepers Mysteries. First, enjoy reading the BOOK (in the front). The creepy characters and stories are so exciting you’ll want to jump right into them!

Which you can do next…

Star in your own Movie for the Ear® using the SCRIPT (in the back). Cast your friends in the creepy roles. Create your own spine-tingling sound effects. You can even add spooky music!