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Write Your Own Spooky Story

by Connie Kingrey Anderson, Creepers Mysteries BlogConnie Kingrey Anderson

When a friend tells you a story about something that happened to him, what do you do? Often times you will say, œThat happened to me too! Or œThat reminds me of a time... Then you tell him your story.

This is called œpriming the pump. One person starts the storytelling, and others get "warmed up" and join in. Here™s my story to help prime the pump for you. What story you will you tell next?

Spooky Night in the New House

Spooky Night in the New HouseWe just moved into our new house, so there were no blinds on the windows. During the day, I could look out at squirrels, rabbits, and friendly trees. But as the sunny day slinked into a spooky night, things changed. The windows turned into big, black gaping holes. With the lights on, I could be seen crystal clear from the outside. But of course, I couldn't see THEM. (THEM = all the creepy things that hide in the dark and only come out in vivid imaginations or horror movies.) As it got darker, I lowered the lights and stayed out of sight, until I was making dinner on my knees with a flashlight.

Then I had an idea. I could turn on the floodlights outside the doors and leave them on all night. Now the tables were turned. It was dark inside, but artificially sunny on the front porch, back patio and a few other likely entrances. I could see THEM, but they couldn't see me. Feeling smug now. Not quite so scared...

...UNTIL the light on the back patio went out. OUT?! The switch was on the inside. That could only mean one thing. An intruder WAS IN THE HOUSE!!

The phone rang. I fumbled in the dark, grabbing it before it hit the floor. œH...H...Hello? No answer. I waited. Nothing. But somebody was on the other end. What was that sound? Someone was struggling to speak. Struggling and...chewing?! Who dials a phone number, then stuffs his mouth full of a big sandwich? My non-scary, hero-to-the-rescue husband, that's who. I frantically told him about the light, and that I was trapped in the dark house WITH AN INTRUDER!! He took another bite of sandwich. And chewed. And chewed some more. Not sharing even the slightest bit of my hysteria. When he was able to speak again, he simply said, "œMotion detector lights."

Have you had a spooky night in your house? Share your story with us.