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A Possible Ebeneezer Sighting

by CoConnie Kingrey Andersonnnie Kingrey Anderson, Creepers Mysteries Blog

At first it was just the neighbors talking. The house was a bigger than the rest. It was painted many different colors, not that that's a bad thing - it was just different from the other houses in the neighborhood.

It had intricately carved designs around the windows and balconies. Staircases on the outside went nowhere. On the third floor there was a small door that had no balcony or stairs beneath it. It was a straight drop. Occasionally someone opened the small door and a long rope was thrown out. But no one ever climbed down.

The neighbors said Ebeneezer came out of the house only rarely. And no one could actually say they saw him, but rather, they heard him. Things clanked in his pockets as he walked, or so they thought. There was neighborhood speculation that the clanking must be keys. But the when the clanking turned into pings and bells and other noises, they were puzzled.

What the nosy neighbors really noticed were all the people coming and going. Everyday kids came up the front walk with Creepers Mysteries under their arms. Their parents followed behind, bringing grandparents and cousins, and friends from the other side of town.

It kept up day after day, until the groups grew so large they spilled into the backyard, which is a generous way to describe the space behind Ebeneezer's house. (If it really is his house.) Nonetheless, it suddenly gave the nosy neighbors a reason to clean up their backyards and hose down their lawn furniture, all to get a better look. And this is what they saw:


Let us know if you have a possible Ebeneezer sighting to report....